10: The Lake

“Hey! I found a goldfish!” Farrah yelled.
“Yeah some of Shakira’s work friends threw their fish’s babies into the lake to see what would happen”, Holly 13 answered. They were swimming in the lake near Holly’s house, a sparkling blue body of water sustained by a large waterfall. Holly was wearing a blue strapless bikini, while Farrah had a low-cut white onepiece swimsuit and a little more hair on her head. Alice, Farrah’s kitten, was tied to a nearby willow tree by her leash.
“You okay?” Holly asked.
Farrah smiled. “Two days ago I found out that I actually don’t have cancer, just a lot of problems from the chemo, so I’m better than what I thought I was.”
“That’s great!” Holly said while jumping out of the water, then falling back down.
“Yeah, that means the doctors in Germany were right, but for some reason I can’t talk to them! And my YouTube account got deleted yesterday after I posted a video of my doctors –Shakira, Strawberry and even Dex- all saying that I’m in ‘remission’. I even got a message from the website telling me that my doctors are banned from YouTube!”
“What about Linda?”
“She kept disagreeing with the others, and I don’t really need her anyway…too bad she’s Strawberry’s roommate.” Holly laughed, and then the two almost identical women chased some of the colourful fish thrown into the lake. Farrah was either staying with Shakira, Strawberry, or anyone she was only friends with, but not Dex as she could easily be caught if she was with him.
“Salaam aleikum everyone!” Shakira and Saghira appeared, in a 1920’s swimsuit and a burqini, respectively. They both jumped into the water instead of walking in, so there were now two sets of identical women in the lake. Shakira now looked exactly like her twin, as the water somewhat straightened her hair, which was described by some as a living mass of tentacles. It was the afternoon, so Shakira had finished work.
“Hey Shakira, what’s it like having a sister? We’re grown in jars and aren’t told about our family so I don’t know.”
“Like a best friend!” she said, then Saghira added, “But closer! Even though I am married I consider my last name to still be Seddiqi because I always want the same name as my sister.”
“Awwww!” both Farrah and Holly squeaked at the same time, as the twins hugged each other.
Farrah swam over to Shakira. “Shakira! Ryan and Alana had something to do with the hospital taking my legal rights!”
“They did what?”, Shakira and Saghira asked at the same time, then looked at each other.
“They wanted to take my money and the hospital is in the pockets of the drug industry, who doesn’t want me telling the world the truth about stuff.”
“That’s terrible!” Saghira said as both of the twins hugged Farrah. “But you can count on me and my sister, and you have other friends right?”
“Thanks, and yeah I have Jaclyn and Kate and others so I’m not lonely on Earth. But I thought Alana and especially Ryan wanted to help me, I should have known they were like this.”
“Hey you wanna come over tonight? I spent last night with a potato farmer- he grows other vegetables, but mostly potatoes- and I know of some other sexy farmers too, both men and women!” Holly offered.
“Maybe some other time, I’d be too tired for tonight.”
“I don’t care much for potatoes”, Shakira stated. Saghira added, “Whose idea was it to add potatoes to curries? They just don’t belong there….Farrah I know you seem to still be tired easily, but are you any better than last week when we found Alice?”
“Yes I am! It’s not just everything Shakira’s doing for me and telling me to do, ever since I was told that I don’t have cancer I’ve been able to sleep better!” Saghira said: “I have been asking Shakira how you are every time she says she has seen you”, then they embraced each other.
Holly splashed Saghira to get her attention. “So what you been doing?”
“I enrolled for a diploma of beauty therapy, which starts on the first of August so I have been getting ready for that! Our cousin Fawzia says that I can work in her salon after I finish it”, she told the blonde.
“Great! I’m a nurse and I mostly work in plastic surgery.”
The four talked some more and were swimming some more, until the sun began to set and it started to get cold. They then got out of the lake and wrapped their towels around themselves, a little cold but happy.
“MEEEEOW!” It turned out that Alice had got herself stuck up the willow tree, and was now demanding to be set free. She wasn’t up very high, she was just not yet confident at climbing, so Farrah only had to get up on her toes and stretch her arms out to get the little kitten. “There you are sweetie….mwah!” She kissed her ‘baby’ and said, “I guess we better get going now; I’ll see you again soon Holly!” as she left with Shakira.