6: ‘Baby’ in a Box

A green kombi van materialised next to Shakira’s TARDIS. It belonged to her twin sister, Saghira, who had come to spend the day with Farrah because Shakira was going to work. Saghira looked exactly like Shakira except her curly hair was looser and she wore an abeya in public instead of just a salwar kameez, so you couldn’t see her hair anyway. She knocked on her sister’s door, and was answered in about 5 seconds.

“SALAAM ALEIKUM SISTERRRRRR!” they yelled at the exact same time while hugging each other really tight. “Are you leaving now?” Saghira asked.

“Yes I have to be there earlier than usual today, but we can spend time together tonight okay?”

“Sure!” Saghira was quickly re-introduced to Farrah before Shakira left for Holly’s world. Holly was also working today, and had mostly spent the last few days at home.

“You haven’t changed either” she said, because she had also met Saghira 30 years ago when she was hanging out with Shakira.

“Neither have you” Saghira smiled. “She told me about what Dex did for you…she said he was very handsome, do you agree? I prefer men with a bit of muscle but I don’t like them really big or too skinny either.”

“He is quite muscle-bound, I think you’d still like him, but he’s dating Strawberry” she answered.

“Oh I am married; I am not asking you to set me up with him!” I want to be a beauty therapist but I don’t know if he will support me. How will he respond when I tell him I enrolled for the diploma yesterday?

“Okay. Hey can you drive your one?” Farrah pointed at Saghira’s TARDIS.

She laughed. “Yes I can, that’s why I keep it in this form! Do you want to go into the town here?”

“Of course! I haven’t left Dreg’s Den since I got here.”

Saghira paused. “Hey does it hurt to have the intravenous vitamin C? And what did Shakira say was also in there to make the vitamin C work better?”

“I don’t remember, and I don’t notice anymore, I’m just used to that stuff now.” Farrah told her all about the surgery she had in Germany, which was still unavailable in the USA. Saghira was visibly upset by this, and wanted to hold her. “I am sorry!”

“You don’t have to be” Farrah said while in her arms.

So they drove out into the human-inhabited area of Roswell and were now exploring the town. As they walked past a relatively old house, Farrah noticed something small moving around in a cardboard box with a note attached. “Saghira!” she yelled, mispronouncing her name.

“What is it?” Saghira asked while following her over to the box.

“IT’S A KITTEN!” She picked up the fluffy little Aegean kitten and held it close. “What does this say? ‘We went to jail. Free to a good home’…..AWWWW I guess I can keep you!”

Saghira laughed. “What are you doing to name her?”

“I’m gonna name her Alice. My character in a movie I did about 10 years ago had a pet piglet named Alice.”

“She is so cute!” Saghira said, then Alice meowed at her, looked up at her new “parent”, then meowed again.  

Farrah looked down at her new ‘baby’. “I guess we should go to the pet store now, I don’t have any food or anything for her.” They got directions to the closest pet store and drove there, because Farrah was now too tired to walk.

Saghira looked in her purse. “I don’t have any money that will be accepted here….”

Farrah said, “I have money, but just a little in cash”, because her original plans did not involve spending any money or currently standing in the cat section of a New Mexico pet store.

“Do you have a card?”

“Yeah.” She picked up a bag of kitten food, several cat toys and a book on how to care for cats, as Saghira was now holding Alice. When they got to the registers, there was a middle-aged woman and a teenage boy working there. The woman commented that Farrah looked familiar, but didn’t say anything about it after that as Farrah pretended to have no idea what she was talking about, while the boy said nothing and scanned her things. He named the total price and said nothing else, making the woman think: You better learn to show some manners if you want to keep working here, didn’t your mother teach you the word ‘thankyou’?, and suspiciously eyed Saghira. She knew about the war on Earth and expected strange looks because of her appearance, but she did not tolerate being looked at like she was a terrorist. However, unlike her sister, Saghira never started fights; she only ever defended herself in arguments as politely as possible.

Farrah and Saghira mostly spent the rest of the day playing with Alice, and Saghira did all the cooking and cleaning while Farrah was usually either resting or learning about how to take care of her kitten. Saghira didn’t mind because she could see how physically messed up her guest was, and since Farrah was her guest, she would even be expected to defend her if she was running from the law or if her life was in danger. Eventually, Shakira’s mahogany closet TARDIS landed.

Salaam aleikum!”

Wa aleikum salaam! How was work?”

“It was busy and interesting, how was your day?”

“We had a good time, we found a lost kitten!” 

Shakira saw little Alice perched on the lounge’s armrest, with Farrah watching her so she wouldn’t fall. “NAWWWWW it’s so adorable! What did you name the kitten?”

“Alice and she’s my kitten!” Farrah picked her up and brought her over so they could be properly introduced. “Alice, this is my friend Shakira”, she said and then giggled. Saghira stayed over for dinner, because her husband was also out that night, then went back to Thera,  leaving Farrah and Shakira with their new baby/”niece”.