2: Past

The young Pashtun woman walked through the apple trees, pissed off and writing on Spacebook: Rose Tyler, who do you think you are? So wearing a headscarf means I am completely dependent, both financially and socially, on men? Yes Thera is similar to 1970s Earth but we are much more egalitarian and your stupid ideas are not even able to be applied to Earth women! And NO we don’t have a Taliban or anything like that!

She abruptly finished typing and hit “comment”, as she saw someone she did not expect to see with a TARDIS- Sarah Jane Smith.

“Shakira! What are you doing here?”  Sarah tolerated Shakira at the best, and wanted to see her arrested at worst. Her crime was changing the past, sometimes for fun, sometimes to help friends, and sometimes in her work as a freelance doctor, since her TARDIS could convert any currency. To be exact, she was an NMD, having studied nutritional and herbal medicine instead of pharmaceutical drugs, as well as surgery. If any drugs were needed, it wasn’t often that she had to order them in.

“I was seeing patients today; the last one was Logan 5.”

“I was showing Luke how resilient people can be, because I knew that this Earth had their Washington DC rebuilt within three years of the people of the City of Domes being liberated, led by two Dome citizens and one homeless man”, Sarah proudly replied.  

“Where the fuck did you get a TARDIS?”

“Don’t talk like that, and The Doctor gave it to me. Where did you get yours? I thought only Time Lords had them.”

“Any Theran with a TARDIS stole TARDIS coral to grow one.”

“Yes, I also knew that and the fact that no respectable Time Lord would seek any of you out for any reason other than to arrest you, because you are seen as criminals.”

Shakira wanted to change the subject before she got an overpowering urge to punch this woman. “Well, Logan likes me. Have you met him?”

“No, not yet…I have met that sweet little Holly 13.”

Shakira rolled her eyes, as she did not like Holly, they were just too different. “She is annoying, but I had a friend who looked exactly like her. The US government broke in to her house and destroyed our means of communicating so I haven’t heard from her since then.

“Was your friend Farrah Fawcett?”

She jumped a little. “Yes! How did you know?”

“I had a feeling it was her.”

Shakira was, obviously, excited at the opportunity to reunite with her long lost friend. “Do you know how I can see her?”

Sarah’s mood suddenly darkened. “You can’t. She died several years ago”, she said as she handed Shakira a news article.

“Wait…what?” Her deep brown eyes widened and scanned the article several times over. Time felt like it had stopped; her mind had stopped.

Sarah repeated what she always said in these situations: “Everything has its time, and everything ends.”

“FUCK YOU!” Shakira answered, and ran back to her stolen TARDIS. Sarah was offended, but not surprised, and didn’t go after her. Instead she went back to where Luke was with the old man, who she preferred to this alien criminal.

Not looking where she was going, Shakira ran into Holly.


“Hey!” You stupid little bitch!

“Shakira!” she gasped. “Are you alright?” Holly didn’t like seeing anyone cry, even if they pissed her off.

“No, why would I be when this happened to a friend?” she answered, showed Holly the news article Sarah printed off and dropped to the ground crying. Holly read it, and in tears herself, wrapped her arms around Shakira. “I’m so sorry…but you can do something, can’t you?”

Shakira looked up, Holly’s arms pulling on her orange headscarf that matched her salwar kameez. “Now that I can think again, yes.” Logan walked past, amazed that they weren’t fighting or pushing each other away.

“What is it?” Holly really wanted to know, and the distaste they had for each other was beginning to melt away.

“I can cure cancer. I know of things like the Gerson therapy and cannabis oil, actually those may be the best things for her.”

Holly smiled, many people would swear she could light up a dark room by doing just that. “See? You don’t have to be sad and give up.”

Manana”, Shakira was also smiling now. “It will take a long time but it is possible, I can save her.”

“Hey…can I help? Like, sometimes when I’m not working?”

“Yes you can.” They both paused, then embraced each other.

“I’m sorry about everything I said and everything I did!”

“So am I! I was wrong about you!” Shakira only said she was wrong if she really meant it, never simply to please anyone.

“Can we be friends now?”

“Of course we can!” They both got up, Holly straightening her glittering green dress, which she always wore to work, and Shakira moving her scarf, covering most of her tightly curled hair again.

“I will show you my TARDIS, do you want to make plans tonight and go back in time tomorrow?”

“Okay, I finish work at 5:30, maybe we can meet outside?” Holly worked as a surgical and post-op nurse, mostly for plastic surgery. She preferred taking care of people who were having elective surgery than that of the emergency variety.

“Yes we can, I will land my TARDIS there.”

“Great!” This was Holly’s first time changing the past, and her first trip through time. Her original plans were to bring someone home for sex, for this was a free-love society, but her new plans were much more exciting. She was thinking: Will she like me? I hope she won’t be scared of me because I look like her. How are we gonna save her? Will it be dangerous? What is Los Angeles like? Where is it? Did they ever have to rebuild their city from a war? Does everyone live by themselves or with their friends like us, or do they have families like they did here in the old days?